About Me

b. 1986, HK.


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

– George Bernard Shaw


In the seventh grade I had a classmate named Scott. He and I were the most talented ‘artists’ in our elementary school in New York City. For two years Scott and I would go head-to-head in various art competitions and, for two years, we would toggle between first and second place. Our friends argued that our talents were about the same, and that there was very little difference in our approach to creativity. However, Scott and I knew better. His brand was fantasy, and mine was communication. He liked the big visual and I liked the big idea. We each possessed the ability to reach an audience in compelling ways with different approaches. 30 years later, Scott writes Batman, and I direct creative. We’re both superheroes saving different citizens.

I recognized my brand at an early age. Staying authentic to my value proposition, I continue to deliver solutions that address big ideas. My utility belt doesn’t have shark repellent, although I am highly-skilled at navigating red oceans. By day, I am a mild-mannered creative; by night, I am a strategic thinker. I don’t wear a mask, but I can run fast and lift heavy things. Sometimes I run to the fire – sometime the fire finds me.

Every day is a new opportunity to be heroic!


BNY Mellon
Corbis Corporation
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Albert Einstein, Steve McQueen
New York Institute of Art & Design
The Mega Agency
Mediastorm + more

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